The Tun Ismail Ali Chair (TIAC) at the University of Malaya, in collaboration with Bank Negara Malaysia, organised the 3rd TIAC-BNM Workshop on Monetary and Financial Economics on July 16 at Sasana Kijang. The event was attended by 110 participants from various local higher learning institutions, government agencies, private institutions, and staff from the Bank.

The event began with a keynote address by TIAC Chairholder, Professor Thorsten Beck from Cass Business School on “ A Decade After the GFC: Lessons and Policy Implication for Emerging Economies”.

Presenters at the workshop were the recipients of the 2017 TIAC Research Grant. The topic of their research covered two current issues – spillovers from monetary policy normalisation in advanced economies and the relationship between public debt levels and growth.

The workshop was successful with lively and engaging discussions, between not just the presenters but also the discussants and participants who provided interesting insights into the issues.

You may find the materials of the workshop HERE

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